onsdag den 10. oktober 2018


    Honda Vario 110cc / 2018

Artist in Residency sept.4 -14 oct. / Sarang Building 1

I have again thrown myself into a new exciting installation project here in Yogyakarta. Most of you there have followed my MC.Journey Blog by 2015, 'Artist in Residency' at 'Kersan Art Studio' in Yogyakarta, and created 3 Installations directly to the 'Kersan Art Studio' showroom, during my 1½ month stay.

Kerzan Art Studio is now in collaboration with Sarang Culture House. This new collaboration has given me the opportunity for this new 1 ½ month stay as 'Artist in Residency' in Sarang Culture House. During this stay, I will create an Installation for their 114 m2 beautiful and very special showroom.

The exhibition room is at the top

The 'Artist in Residency' rooms are located under the showroom and feature a covered outdoor shower and toilet. In the second room, a young Korean photographer moved in after a few days. I'd otherwise heard that there would be no other than me. I'm told she will only stay there for a couple of weeks. Tchoi, the Korean artist tells me at one point that we should actually exhibit at the same time. So a couple of weeks go to be 5 weeks. She has to exhibit in a smaller open-plan showroom. She figured I knew it through Director Nissak.

I have a direct view of a flourishing plant they have done something about. It is the pure flourishing luxury. A gardener is employed full time. Right now it's not so flourishing and lush as it's outside the rainy season.

As I sit and write this, there's a group of professional crowds who concentrate on a young Theater Performer there on her stomach, move slowly backwards under a 30 m. strip of transparent plastic, past my window doors further around the corner.

This culture center has this weekend, a cultural meeting between Theater Performere for various Asian countries.

On the photo, a Performer has clay in his face and now he is digging into the clay. A slow transformation: 'From earth you have come to earth you will be'.

I remembered when the artist group 'Worst' in the mid 80's made a Performer in the Glyptotek, where they sat and slid around on each of their huge butter lumps. They slid round the lump quite slowly for at least 20 minutes. I fell in the trance in anticipation of the unexpected. With these peculiar performances, one expects something extraordinary to happen and this expectation is worth waiting for. Think of the theater 'While we wait for Godot' by Becket.

It's been a long time since I've seen or even performed in one of my installations.

Some young performer performed in my installation 'Floating Soul' 2015 after I had gone. I have to admit that it is often more fun to be actor than the audience. 

Artist in Residency

It's exciting to continue the dialogue with the Director Nissak, who also was my contact person in 2015. She will again support me in my new project. Again I have the opportunity to use Ardi as a translater and assistant, which is a great necessity. Now he has been 4 years at Jogja Art University. In a way, it's an advantage to know their collaborators with a different cultural background, their weaknesses and strength because I'm quite sure I again come across the concept of 'Lost in translation'.

I have prepared myself culturally and artistically as well as possible before departure, as it is a great artistic challenge, to adapt me culturally and to create a large Installation. It requires me to have a foundation, which can then develop in different directions.

In 2009, I also visited Indonesia with Jogja as a starting point for my 6 week MC.JavaBali journey, so I have a very good visual impression of Indonesia as well as their artistic activity.

During my stay in 2015 I came into contact with lots of different artists, which I now have the opportunity to deepen my relationship with.

Sarang Building no 1 is an art gallery, created by artist Jumaldi Alfi as a contribution to the art scene in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As an art gallery, the building is built for other organizations to implement their program, such as exhibition, residence permit, workshop and presentation. 

I feel the spirit-minded with the idea that as an artist economically, you this way can support art. As a visual artist, I have been able to create large installations and site specific sculpture projects with support from my own money throughout my career. Installation Projects can not be owned and therefore you cann't speculated economically in this kind of art. Installation must be experienced now and here because it only exist for periods of time after which they are destroyed and physically out of time and space.

Sarang provides aaparment throughout the construction phase as well as an exhibition period of 3 weeks. I pay for travel and daily expenses as well as all material costs of my installation project that will be destroyed after the exhibition period. Which has happened to all my installations over the years.

I believe that art has a spiritual value that is worth fighting for as an artist. Both economic and spiritual revolution are both worth fighting for a better human life.

This Installation Project has to come from an inner need to express and create some visual images, in an existential dialogue with the outer world. Creating Art has been an inner necessity for me, a kind of vital form of expression. A cleansing dialogue process, a passion, my very personal psychologist. For why would I get involved again in a new big exhibition project, which is lot of work and costs me a lot of money. But it does a psychologist too.

While I'm sitting here, there's a tiny black ants on its way over my keyboard. I try, like in the children's books, to be a hurricane that blows all the way, with strength. Where did it disappear? - It appears between the keys. As a hurricane I breathe deeply and breathe as vigorously as I can. The ants now seems to be aware that it is in the eye of the hurricane. So it is now ready to withstand my thunderstorm by sticking both forelegs and jaws adhered to the key while the body and hind legs stand vertically upwards. I try two more times to breathe as vigorously as I can by thinking of some of the children's drawings I have seen as a kid. In admiration of its strength and perseverance, I let it find its way over the keys.

You feel a little handicapped here at the start

I have chosen a scooter instead of a small motorcycle model, because you are sitting more save in the rain for the feet and legs. It is easy and fast to handle since it has automatic gear shift that makes the left hand free. It's a new Honda 110cc model, so it's fast in the run. Just take care not to drive more than 60 km. On the less uneven roads, the small wheels can not cope.

It's incredibly difficult to find the way, especially on the smaller roads, where there are very small individual houses next to each other. It's a bit of a village jungle. All the houses and plantings are like in a jungle, different and yet alike. You get therefore easily lost orientation. 

The model to this huge kneeling figure is seen at the bottom right on the photo. This workshop is probably more commercial than artistic

I've been deeply engaged from day one

Ever since I arrived, I have been deeply absorbed by my exhibition project. Together with Adi my assistant, we have on our scooter visit the ceramics district and the bamboo workshop to get information and buy different clay types to test them. I should know to get around really well because I drove around a lot in 2015 to find materials. But no, I feel pretty lost when it's dark and buildings suddenly get alive with all their advertisements.

I'm fine and the weather is 32 degrees a day and 24 at night so I have chosen a good period of time to stay here in Jogja (Yogyakararta). In 2015, I was here at the end of the rainy season, March and April. There were short heavy rain every day. The humidity was unbearable.

In Indonesia, you have not split the year into four seasons: Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter. You only have two seasons: Summer and Rain period (it starts Nov. 1). There are no words in Indonesian for Spring and Fall.

Loving thoughts, from the opportunity of thought in time and space

Bjarne v.H.H.Solberg